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Real Estate Photography in Green Valley

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       Hello, I am Patrick Allen; a real estate photographer in Green Valley Arizona. My email and phone number are PatsProPics@gmail.com and 520-661-9622.

Three important things a Professional Real Estate Photographer should possess;  the right equipment, the right education and a sense of wonder, imagination and story telling.

My camera of choice is a Canon EOS 80D with a Canon 10 x 18 wide angle lens, a Tamron SP 10 x 24 wide angle lens ( no fish eye effect ) and a 50mm lens plus a good tripod. I also have the ability to take excellent natural view shots of the mountains or desert without the use of a “long lens”.

As for my education, I have attended real estate photography courses offered by Canon both on line and in the classroom. I also studied  the proper use of wide angle lens, technical courses on lighting, camera angles and special techniques, plus general photography courses all offered by the Professional Photographers Of America. 

The type of photography I use is called high-dynamic-range photography. Using this system, I use natural light rather than artificial lighting, making the colors accurate and adding depth to the pictures.

My goal is to continue earning your business for years to come. I want you to like my photographs, but more importantly, I want  my photographs to excite you, because if you are excited your customers are excited.

Patrick Allen